First Ever Chat Based Job Search App “Empzilla”

New Delhi, 20th January  2018 Taking prime minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India Initiative forward, a chat based job search mobile app ‘Empzilla’, first ever of its kind in the country,, is being launched  that will do away with existing limitations of employers and job seekers making selection process quick and cost effective.

The mobile app gets conversation between employers and job seekers going in seconds and the latter can chat with potential employer even within his office set up without letting can his peers and seniors know the context of the conversation. it also relieves the Human Resource department of excessive load of mails and the need to download all profiles which is time consuming and confusing.

Chairman of Empzilla Mr. Akash Attray said “we realized there where limitations in the way of job seekers were communication with employers so far. to do away with those limitation, we are launching this mobile app which will revolutionize the way communication happens between job lookers and recruiters. this can  easily be downloaded from google play store and is free. it will also take the government’s Digital India Initiative forward.

In traditional way of communication via mail, SMS or Personal call, the candidate and recruiter are unaware of the exact distance between the hiring venue and candidate’s domicile. the feature of geo location in Empzilla identifies the exact distance between the hiring venue and registered location of candidate.

Even checking and downloading all the profile from mails become hectic for the HR department. The HR may miss on the productive older mails also. in Empzilla, it becomes easy for the recruiter and the hierarchy to monitor the activity as well the chat. it also becomes easy for the recruiter who can simply review the profile in the app itself rather than downloading the resume in details.

the candidate receives the notification at the very step from ‘application viewed’ to application in review’ further ‘shortlisted’ till ‘interview invite’. the traditional approach by mail/call creates a larger chance to miss the targeted candidate due to unfavorable conditions like the candidate being in the office premises which restrict him or her to discuss other job opportunities. he or she can also ignore recruiter’s call being unaware of the caller’s source and purpose. chat is least missed when compared to calls



For more info visit -> Empzilla

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